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Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP) Volunteering Guide

About The Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP)

Founded by Monash Students, the Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP)’s mission is to provide an opportunity for students to volunteer and inspire students to make a difference in society through Community Development programs and Non-Governmental Organization  Collaboration (NGOC) programs. Through working together with various Non-Governmental Organization we hope to enable students and communities share their skills in aiding, interacting and creating an understanding with disadvantaged members of society.

Our vision is to seek to improve the human condition by encouraging innovative learning in Monash University Sunway Campus through continual and committed interaction with disadvantaged members of society. We hope to see a community within Monash University Sunway campus that aspires to the spirit of volunteerism through an exchange of skills, knowledge and experience between students and the community.

Over the course of last semester, MUVP collaborated with 14 NGOs and the volunteers worked with their assigned NGOs on a weekly basis. We organised the ‘Grill Nite’ and food sale to raise funds to help volunteering programs and it also aimed to encourage students to support MUVP’s work. It aided us in creating awareness among the students about our vision and goal. In addition, we had the MUVP donation drive which involved students donating brand new and second hand items benefiting the children of the Muhajirin Rohingya Burmese Refugees School.  

Apart from that, MUVP volunteers took part in the Hot Air Balloon Festival to help OrphanCare in spreading awareness on baby dumping issues as well as donation. MUVP also organized a graduation ceremony for the children of the Muhajirin Rohingya Burmese Refugees School who completed a series of course designed by MUVP volunteers.

We hope to collaborate with 15 NGOs and expand our capacity to offer more than 180 volunteering opportunities for students in Monash Sunway University Campus to participate and gain a valuable experience that will enhance their university experience.

 We warmly welcome you to be part of us in the Monash University Volunteer Program and we look forward to working with you.

Volunteer Conduct Protocol

1. It is mandatory for all selected representatives of MUVP to attend volunteer briefing(s) held prior to the commencement of respective event(s)/ activity slot allocation(s) to be informed of and updated on duty requirements and conditions.

2. A minimum of 90% attendance for the duration of the volunteering period within a semester is required to be eligible to receive the MUVP certificate. Selected representatives of MUVP must be aware that arriving 15 minutes after the given volunteering time for a period of 3 sessions will be marked as one absent on their timesheet.

3.Punctuality is an imperative and an indispensable fundamental with regard to volunteer duty of a representative of MUVP.

4. In the event a representative is unable to be present for volunteer duty, they are to inform the respective MUVP NGO Liaison Officer at least 2 days prior to the respective event/ activity slot allocation so that the NGO involved can be informed of their absence in good time.

5. A general dress code should be adhered to when representing MUVP: no extensively revealing clothing (such as half-tops that leave the abdomen bare and clothing considerably above the knee area).

6. Circumspect behaviour as to not offend norms of Malaysian culture is expected of representatives of MUVP at all times.

7. The use of any kind of offensive language (i.e. any blatant and/ or metaphorically abusive and/ or obscene statements) is strictly forbidden when representing MUVP- be it either in the company of fellow representatives or, especially, when on duty. It is essential that representatives of MUVP maintain the highest standard of professionalism and be respectful at all times.

8. The imposing of any religious and political ideologies on the community they serve or fellow representatives of MUVP is strictly prohibited. If encountered, the representative is expected to halt the proceeding of the situation tactfully.

9. No distribution of any food or beverages to those under your care while on volunteer duty.

10. No consumption of food and/or beverages while on volunteer duty within the facility a student is volunteering at.

11. No intake or carrying of alcoholic beverages prior to and during volunteer duty (including the lunch break).

12. The possession and use of any kind of illegal drugs prior to and during volunteer duty or at any other time that places any individual at risk is strictly prohibited. The Monash University Volunteer Program is held accountable by the administration of Monash University which is under the decree by the government of Malaysia against the possession of illegal drugs.

 13. Make no promises to any individual from the community you are serving without prior approval from MUVP as this may be not be expedient with MUVP and if the activity does not come to pass, will threaten the credibility of MUVP.

 14. Gift Giving that has not been approved by MUVP to the community you are serving while on duty is strictly forbidden. This includes the giving of such items as even ‘sweets’ and candy.

 15. Representatives of MUVP or any other organizations requesting the use of MUVP resources and/ or materials must first inform the respective MUVP Head of Department.

 16. No exchange of hand phone numbers with members of the community you are serving as a volunteer. Contact numbers may only be given to officials of the NGO if requested.

 17. No volunteer can be accompanied by MUVP representatives not allocated and friends and other persons not affiliated to MUVP to respective NGO’s/ projects.

 18. No slumbering or naps during volunteer duty.

 19. No inappropriate physical contact (such as and including caressing, groping, beating etc.) with any individual within the community served and fellow representatives of MUVP.

 20. Taking of photographs by volunteers at any time during volunteer duty is strictly prohibited unless given such a responsibility by executive members of MUVP.

 21. For any queries, grievances and concerns about the NGO and/or their volunteer programme, representatives of MUVP should contact the respective Head of Department. In the event the respective HOD is unreachable, the distressed representative should contact another MUVP executive member for assistance. By no means should any representative attempt an open discussion and/or negotiation regarding any sort of matters with the NGO unless informed to do so by their MUVP Point of Contact.

22. MUVP will not be held liable for any damages and/or losses resulting from personal arrangements made between a representative(s) and the NGO.

23. As a representative of MUVP, students agree to honour confidentiality pertaining to matters regarding the community they serve, information shared by members of the community and sensitive happenings witnessed and are expected to adhere to and maintain professionalism and respect. Therefore there should be nodivulging of knowledge with parties outside the student’s respective volunteer community. The right to privacy of the community must be defended at all times.

MUVP Child Safe Code of Conduct

The Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP) wishes to protect the children we come into contact with as well as protecting staff, volunteers and those associated with MUVP and its activities.

As a representative of MUVP, you must sign and abide by this code of conduct which requires you to:

1. Conduct yourself in a manner consistent with your position as a positive role model to children and as a representative of MUVP.

2. Follow organisational policy and guidelines around the safety of children as outlined in the Child Safe Policy.

3. Follow relevant local, state and national law pertaining to working with children.

4. Be respectful of children’s rights, background, culture and beliefs as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

5. If as part of your role you are required to work with children in any capacity, you should ensure that:

• You are not placed in a position where you are alone with children, by ensuring that there is always another adult present when working in the proximity of children.

• You avoid any physical contact with children unless necessary for their own safety.

• You use language and topics appropriate to the situation avoiding suggestive comments to a child, even as a joke. Avoid any actions or words intended to humiliate or belittle children.

• You avoid rough physical games or interactions with children that can be misinterpreted. Physical punishment of children is prohibited.

• Your relationships with children are not exploitative or abusive.

6. Photographs of children/adults must not be taken without the official permission of the non-governmental organisation hosting the volunteer activity, as well as a MUVP executive.

7. Any breaches of this code of conduct by MUVP Representatives or others, including all concerns regarding suspected child abuse and exploitation must be reported in writing directly to the MUVP Coordinator Child Safe Officer as soon as possible.

*To be read in conjunction with the Child Safe Policy.

I have read this Policy and Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it at all times to protect myself and the children I may come in contact with through my work for Monash University Volunteer Program.


The Monash University Volunteer Program greatly appreciates volunteer contribution. The time and skills contributed by volunteers helps make the goals of the Monash University Volunteer Program (hereinafter referred to as MUVP) achievable. With every hand stretched towards those in need, we make a positive difference in someone’s life one day at time.

The Confidentiality Agreement for MUVP Volunteers sets out the terms by which all volunteers are required to engage with the agency.

1. Duration

The period that you will be engaged in volunteer activities for MUVP.

2. Assignment

As per your Position Description.

3. Promotion of MUVP Interests

MUVP Volunteers shall best endeavour to promote and enhance the interests, welfare, business, growth, and, reputation of MUVP and any relevant parties/programs; and not intentionally act contrary to the interests of MUVP.

4. Confidential Information

MUVP Volunteers shall not, except as authorised by the MUVP Coordinator, use for their own benefit or gain or divulge to any persons, company, or other organisations whatsoever any confidential information relating to their affairs or dealings with MUVP and its NGO Partners(hereinafter referred to as Partners). This restriction shall cease to apply to any information or knowledge which may subsequently come into the public domain other than by way of authorised disclosure.

All confidential records, documents and other papers provided by MUVP and its NGO Partners, together with any copies or extracts thereof, made or acquired by MUVP Volunteers during the course of their engagement with the agency and its NGO Partners shall remain the property of MUVP.

“Confidential information” shall include all information which has been specifically designated as confidential by MUVP  and its Partners, and any information which relates to the commercial and financial activities of the agency and its Partners, the unauthorised disclosure of which would embarrass, harm, or discredit the agency and its Partners. It does not extend to information already in the public domain unless such information arrived there by unauthorised means.

5. Adherence to the Privacy Act

MUVP committee officials and volunteers are required to abide by the Privacy Act. Volunteer and committee official responsibilities when dealing with personal information follow the 10 National Privacy Principles. The principles set the standard that MUVP is required to observe in collecting, storing, using, disclosing, protecting and transferring personal information. Information and special protection applies to this information.


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