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MUVP Monash Fiesta for NASOM Donation Drive



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Hi everyone,

MUVP is organizing Monash Fiesta which is an event exclusively for autistic children of the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM). This event is to promote interaction and to build a positive relationship between the autistic community and volunteers of MUVP. There will be fun party games, cartoon screenings and so on!!

Not a volunteer for this event but would like to help out those children? No prob!! U can in your own lil way now by donating any of the following items:

Toys (soft toys, board games)!
Sports equipments (footballs, basketballs)!
Stationary (pens, crayon etc)!
Books (comics)!
Food (Candy, Snacks)!
Cartoon DVD's !

The Drive will run from Wenesday 15th September 2010 at 12:00 till Friday 24th September 2010 at 18:00.

1) Goods donated must be in excellent condition.

2) Donated items will either be distributed during the event or disseminated to respective NGOs after the event.

3) If you wish to donate things that are not in the list, please shoot us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

4) For further details, contact Chethana at 017-8831580

5) Monash Fiesta is a closed event thus only people who are part of the volunteer team can attend this event


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