MUVP Testimonials

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There is so much that can be talked about that I do not even know where to start. Being a volunteer has really changed the way I see the world and how I really want to live my life. I learned to appreciate the small little things in life that I otherwise would not if I have not put myself into community activities.

MUVP is one of the very few opportunities where we can actually broaden our perspective on the world, have a greater understanding of our society and social issues, meet great personalities that have the same noble mission, develop new skills, and work together with many people to make a large impact in the community.

Being in MUVP truly gave meaning to my university life, also thanks to the amazing people that I have met which makes it all the more meaningful and enjoyable. The awesome committees and the volunteers, has never failed to amaze me with their passion and effort in truly making an impact in the community.

Having been part of the committee for a few semesters, it always touches me to see the incredible amount of effort that are being put in by every single committee member to bridge the entire link between the NGOs and the volunteers, ensuring that every aspect of the program is well-taken care of, overcoming all sorts of obstacles along the way, sometimes even when academic work can be quite demanding, and stays strong and sincere in serving the purpose of MUVP. It is a great honour that I got to work with such amazing people, most of the time working behind-the-scenes but their effort is truly admirable.

Keep up the good work committees and volunteers!

Fong Mun Hong

Liaison officer (Sem 2, 2014)

MUVP Coordinator 2015


There is no words to describe how MUVP was truly a great experience be it being part of the committee or being a volunteer. The people you meet, the people you work with, the people you have so much in common with and it is these people that makes MUVP great and exciting.

It is clear to say MUVP has given me much more than how much I have given back to MUVP be it working in a team, supporting your fellow friends and always thinking of new ideas on how to improve MUVP but also the friends that I will truly miss and cherish. With that MUVP clearly gave me some of the best memories in my university life and because of that I have no regrets in joining MUVP. And If I had the chance to go back to my university life, I would without a doubt will join MUVP again.

And at the end of the day, you are giving back to the society and that itself is an eye-opening experiencing, especially during those days where you just want to get out of your studies and witness those small acts of kindness, which is worth seeing and experiencing first hand.

Jeron Joseph

Publicity officer (Sem 2, 2014 – Sem 1, 2015)

Head of Publicity Department (Sem 2, 2015)



Before I entered Monash University, I have never done volunteering work before – besides the compulsory community involvement programs in my former secondary school which had little to no impact on me – for I was just doing it because it was an obligation. In my quest to seek God’s Pleasure and better myself as a human being, I signed up for Monash University Volunteer Program within the first week of uni back in semester one.


I was slightly nervous when I first received the offer letter – offering me a place to teach refugee children – for I have always lived a sheltered and relatively comfortable life and it was something new altogether. But I reminded myself of the reason I signed up and I accepted. I became acquainted with fellow volunteers at the briefing and soon, it was our first session. On our arrival, I actually expected to see a building on its own but it turns out that the school was actually a rented apartment in a run-down building. I soon learn later of the plight of these people (of how they became refugees).  The moment we entered, around thirty children or so greeted us with heartwarming smiles and would salam (bringing our hands to their faces as a form of respect). We split the kids into three groups and I handled a group on my own. Albeit I was slightly nervous, that feeling melted away quickly and soon I found myself enjoying it. The children grew on me with their antics and adorable personalities. Week after week, they never failed to be excited to welcome us and some would ask if I was coming the following week. In the simplest ways, the children touched my heart. It is not often that you come across people who appreciate and remember the things that you did for them. While I was the one teaching them, I soon realised that, the children, too, were teaching me. They taught my soul of the meanings of gratitude, selflessness, humanity and kindness. I volunteered at this NGO for three semesters straight and the children still remember me by and would tell me they miss me after a few months of not seeing them (due to university break).


My advice to those who are thinking of joining or are already a volunteer: Set your intentions and mindset straight. Be sincere and treat them as how you would like to be treated. We are all very privileged and lucky compared to millions of others who don’t even have access to basic needs, not know when their next meal is or have to live in fear or without parents. Don’t just see volunteering as a resume booster thing for when you are really sincere, you’ll find changes within yourself. I’ve always wondered why there are mass poverty, cruelty, corruption, killings and greed around the world and why kind people are a rare find and/or there is little people who are rendering help.  And then I realised, I am somebody. I may be just one person but a little kindness goes a long way and make the world a better place. I know Monash workload can be pretty overwhelming, but, for that few hours you put in a week, you’re changing lives.


Nabilah Ayunni

Sub-committee (Sem 2, 2013)

Liaison Officer (Sem 1, 2014)

NGO Coordinator (Sem 2, 2014 - Sem 1, 2015)

Co-organizing chairperson of MUVP NGO-based event 2015



MUVP has not only been an organization or a group of people, but has over the time secured itself as an integral part of my life, and a family. The evident values of being compassionate and caring allowed me to transform, execute and appreciate the good efforts of reaching out to a wide range of different people in the society. The spirited determination of fellow volunteers inspired me to do well and impact the lives of others positively, each new day. The guidance and support from fellow members of the MUVP committee aided me to execute my responsibilities efficiently and effectively in the office of External Relations Department, to which I was the Head. Mistakes became a learning curve, and a point of reference and improvement that we used to forge a better tomorrow.  Before this, I was very emotional whenever dealing with charities, which sometimes could make one lose focus, but MUVP taught me how to put ones emotions aside and serve diligently. It’s such an honor to have served in this prestigious and wonderful group of dedicated agents of change.  I am really proud to have been part of the amazing MUVP. Fino alla fine!


Botsalo Lardgence Morotsi

Head of External Relations Department (2012/2013)



Others may have thought that joining MUVP can only be reflected in a page of certificate, but I would say that being part of MUVP is definitely more than that. My 3 semesters of volunteering experiences in different NGOs have allowed me to pull myself out of my comfort zone and to face what has actually been happening in the reality. Volunteering has instilled the value of compassion through not only feelings but also actions. This is one of the reasons behind my decision in taking a step forward and resigning up every semester as a volunteer until I decided to contribute back to MUVP as a committee member. Diverting my MUVP experience to be a committee member does not stop adding value to me. I obtained the chance to participate in the run of MUVP event which I can delightedly say that it has brought me closer to my friends in the committee team. What I love most in MUVP, is the people in it. Regardless of it being a broadly-diversified team, the bonding in the team manifests unity. As long as you need help and you voice it out, they will be there for you (:


Michelle Jayalie

Head of External Relations (sub-com) (Sem1, 2013)



My time in MUVP has been an amazing journey for me. I first started out as a volunteer who has allowed me to experience the harsh reality of the less fortunate for both animals and human beings. What struck me was that no matter how much or little of a time you spend helping the less fortunate, it will always make a difference in some way or another. The time I had in MUVP has been such a wonderful chapter in my university life, one which I could not bear to close. It was truly amazing to see people of different backgrounds and ethnicity working together, with a common goal in mind. I had the time of my life with my committee members, most of them which I can call as friends now. The tears, laughter and crazy moments we had together as a team will forever remain as an irreplaceable memory in my heart. With that being said, I believe that these experiences I had with MUVP have molded me into a person now with more empathy and heart.


My advice to the new and current MUVP team, love what you are doing and treasure each other and the memories!


Lim Yuyi

NGO Department (Sem 2, 2011-Sem 1 2012)

MUVP Coordinator (Sem 2, 2012)



Being part of the MUVP is a choice that I will never regret. Although I only joined MUVP for a short period of time, but it does changed my life in university. Other than increasing my knowledge about the disadvantaged individuals and knowing that I should appreciate things around me, MUVP was also a great opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world and work with them. Most importantly is the relationship between all the members in MUVP, the true friendships which we learn and assists with each others with our heart. Being with all fellow committee members getting through the days in MUVP is a memorable memory that I will cherish.


Thumbs up to MUVP!


Ng Sher Ee (Sem 1, 2011 – Sem 1, 2012)

Publicity Department



Being a member of MUVP and working for MUVP has, without a doubt, been one of the most enriching experiences in my life. This organization has helped me grow as a person, it’s taught me patience, empathy and above all else humility. To me, MUVP is a place where greatness is achieved everyday by ordinary students, through giving their time and love for a cause they believe in.


The year and a half I’ve spent with MUVP, first as a volunteer then as a committee member, has been remarkable. Through MUVP I got to meet and work with people from different backgrounds, I’ve learnt how to be a team player, and how to be a leader when occasion calls for it, and I now know that nothing fills the heart more than giving to others in any way, shape or form.


It saddens me greatly that I have to leave MUVP but like they say, all good things must come to an end. It is with a heavy heart that I part ways with this organization, but I leave with the knowledge that it will continue to inspire others long after I’m gone. I encourage future MUVP volunteers and members to keep on fighting the good fight because it truly does make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small.


Omphemetse Penny Sigwele (Sem 2, 2011 – Sem 1, 2012)

NGO Department



My experience in MUVP has been nothing short of great. One of the best things about MUVP is how everyone, regardless of background, comes together to achieve the same objective; to help others. I have watched the committee grow in the past one and a half years, and I can’t wait to see MUVP achieving greater heights.

Amanina Abdur Rahman (Sem 1, 2011 – Sem 1, 2012)

Treasury Department



I like to muvp it muvp it. You like to muvp it muvp it. They like to muvp it muvp it.

We like to? 

MUVP has the most dedicated and beautiful bunch of people that you will meet in Monash University Sunway Campus.  Beautiful not only because they have awesome skin or pretty eyes or Vidal Sassoon model-type hair, but beautiful on the inside. 
These are people willing to give up their Sunday dimsum breakfast, or their Friday night movies to spend time making a difference in other people's lives.
Whether its reading aloud to some grannies in their hospices, or doling out food to the homeless, or playing games with orphans, or giving puppies a bath, MUVP is there front and centre, willing and able to improve the human condition.  And we're also very good-looking lah, in general. I will never forget the friends I have made in the committee, some of whom I call my best friends in this campus. And all the fun we've had with our events and our meetings and our makan sessions.  It is so inspiring to see how MUVP has grown in leaps and bounds from something no one knew existed, to a living breathing organisation with a whole lot of volunteers, a big committee, a large presence on campus, a constitution, and most importantly financial standard operating procedures! I feel so proud to have been able to have been around to set up the Finance Department, it makes me feel like I have made a mark on MUVP just like how it has made a mark on me.


Shangari Subramaniam

Treasury Department (Sem 1, 2011 – Sem 1, 2012)



Volunteering is a commitment. It is no different from a relationship, a career, a lifestyle, or whatever a person may have responsibilities for. There are ups and downs, there are times where other priorities makes volunteering unimportant but volunteering is one of the little joys one may feel when you are open to it.

Being in the committee I have understood the hard work it took to set up the program and maintain it. No doubt it requires the numbers of the volunteers to make it really work but the committee had to collaborate with other parties which provides the opportunities for the volunteers.

I hope the volunteers would just appreciate the hard work of the committee and be open to the experience of volunteering, to provide joys to other lives as well as the volunteers' own.


Alexandra Lok Kylie

NGO Department (Sem 1, 2012)



Wow, to see MUVP today stuns me. I still remember being approached about a program that was being set up on campus regarding voluntary work. I must say that I am quite honoured to have witnessed that time and see how huge MUVP is today.

There are two key aspects of the environment of the committee which I shall be forever grateful for and take back home to Botswana with me. The first is the “Yes, We Can and We Will” attitude that was present from the very beginning when students approached several NGOs in Malaysia and now today the attitude is no less strong.

The second is the professional and thus respectful environment which I have personally experienced. You know, getting the job done, doesn’t need the rude jargon and office gossip. Things in MUVP just got done. I believe this student society is engrained to go on to establish a real Monash University Sunway Campus tradition because of the firm, but understanding environment that gives students the chance to fall but get back up and continue to the finish. MUVP put a lot of situations into perspective. This key time spent spreading my wings by making decisions for the team, is really what got me to see that one day I can make a career out of community development.

Awesome job MUVP.  I thank you. And Go Hard!


Renga Sesinyi

General Secretary(Sem 1, 2010)

NGO Department (Sem 2, 2010 – Sem 1, 2011)



I dare not mention that I have made a difference in someone else’s life yet, but joining MUVP has definitely made a difference in mine. Under this program, I've been exposed to the underprivileged society, and their lack of. I suppose it made me a lot more appreciative of life. One of our main tasks was to recruit volunteers for our program.  Question: How can you convince someone to join a program as a volunteer when that person is not so passionate about the program? How do you speak in front of lectures despite the stage fright trying to convince people to join the program? I suppose I wouldn't have done it so seriously if I didn’t love this program. I enjoyed the full creativity control I had. At the moment we’re working on how designs and arts can be used to benefit the underprivileged by sourcing materials from them. I’m excited to see how this program succeeds in the future! :D


Eric Lai

Publicity Department (Sem 2, 2010 - Sem 1, 2011)



Actually I joined the MUVP with the aim of being a photojournalism type photographer. I've always wanted to show something emotional in my photos, something that ignores all the technical stuff and is able to convey a message about how the underprivileged in Malaysian societies are. I hoped the photos would somehow tell the whole story of it. Well, whether I have successfully achieved this or not, joining the MUVP has definitely been the beginning of the story I wish to tell. Being part of the MUVP family has really changed my university life like I had never imagined before. Instead of working with only engineers in my first two years of university life, I’ve engaged with people of different nationalities, abilities and personalities in the MUVP family who are all people I can have fun with. I would love to be a part of the family if I had an endless university life =)


ShangThai Ivan

Publicity Department (Sem 1, 2010 - Sem 1, 2011)



Being a part of the MUVP has allowed me to broaden my horizons beyond simply getting an academic education here at Monash. In allowing us to reach out to communities which are less fortunate than us we are better able to appreciate the things we have which I feel we sometimes take for granted.

Working with the child care centre at WAO was one of my requirements as an HOD. This, while being challenging most of the time - mostly because the children seem to have limitless energy which I seem to lack - is essentially rewarding when you realize that it was you who put a smile on their faces.

Overall all I can really hope for is that MUVP continues growing to allow more people the opportunity that I was able to be afforded.


Nadhiya Najab

NGO Department (Sem 1, 2010 - Sem 1, 2011)



MUVP has been a memorable experience for me. It gave me the chance to do something I always wanted to do and give back to the society, which has been a fulfilling experience.  Being on the committee was a lot of fun and was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. It was nice to work together with everyone to achieve one goal. All in all, MUVP leaves a lot of lasting memories for me.


Nipuni Fernando

NGO Department (Sem 2, 2010 - Sem 1, 2011)



If anyone tells you working with the MUVP is a piece of cake, trust themnot! You will have to dedicate about 50% of your time just to settle the paperwork, meeting NGO contacts and organising events. But trust me, all those late sleepless nights and rushing in yourassignments are really worth it. Because we're doing something with acause, and a great one at that - which is to improve our community and help thosewho are in need. At the end of the day, you've made a difference :)


Fatin Adilah

NGO Department (Sem 1, 2010 - Sem 1, 2011)



During my time at the MUVP, I have loved every moment; the ups and the downs. Being part of the team that started this,I'm glad to see it grow and become what it is now. And I have faith that the new committee will lead it with care and understanding. The volunteering work I’ve done as part of my committee responsibility has to be the best part of my time at MUVP. Although it has been tiring, at the end of the day it's rewarding to know that I have made a difference in someone's life. I look forward to hearing more differences that MUVP will make in the future.


Batul Mohsini

NGO Department (Sem 1, 2010 - Sem 2, 2010) and External Relations Department (Sem 1, 2011)



It has been a wonderful experience working with the MUVP committee. I did not know what to expect at first, but I came to realise that joining the committee was a brilliant choice. Out of all the committees I have ever worked with, the MUVP committee is the most efficient, dedicated and professional. I found that I was able to grow and learn a lot from the other committee members (most of which are international students) when I first joined. There is definitely a difference in culture and the way in which this committee operates that amazes me every time we get together and work our magic. I'm astonished by the capabilities and potential of the current committee and I am looking forward to being part of this family for another semester!


Leon Tham

NGO Department(Sem 2, 2010 - Currrent)



Joining the MUVP will never be something I regret. Seeing such a group being run when I came into uni was the main reason I decided to join the MUVP. We are students helping other students, giving them more opportunities to give back to society as well as to learn to help others. We work with various NGO’s and try to have a good mix of things we do with them individually. Hence, providing an opportunity to almost every job aspect one could ask for.

Being a committee member of MUVP, I have learnt many things over the two semesters. One of which is the importance of being professional. I have also gotten a feel as to how an organization or a board of directors would conduct themselves. The sense of teamwork is of utmost importance when part of the MUVP. Some of the challenges I have faced in this duration of time would be pushing people for deadlines and documents. It has also been challenging working with so many different people who share very different work ethics.

The MUVP is on the right track to growing with the help of each and everyone in the MUVP!

Sabrina Gill
NGO Coordinator (Sem 1, 2010 - Sem 1, 2011)



Being a part of the MUVP is an experience in itself. It has encouraged me to be independent, and at the same time, built my capability to work in a team with a variety of people. It has broadened my perspective on life and has contributed to my personal development. Through the MUVP, I see the unlimited potential that can be explored by students including myself and the many wonders that we can do together as a team. What is most important is the excellent friendship and strong bonding that we have in the MUVP family despite the differences in our cultures and backgrounds. The MUVP has enhanced my study experience in Monash University as a whole and what I’ve learned in the MUVP will definitely benefit my life in the future.

Saw Ching Yee
MUVP General Secretary
Monash BPharm 2nd Year



Coordinating the Monash University Volunteer Program has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life thus far. It has taught me the importance of engagement, commitment and coordination to a program that requires year round dedication. This has not only trained me for challenges that will arise once I enter the work field but  has also enabled me to learn from my colleagues due to the close level of interaction that is required by everyone in the MUVP. Being part of the MUVP is hard work which occasionally feels like having a job due but it is also unrivalled in the rewards it offers. The MUVP has truly been one of the highlights of my university experience. I have made friends and met people who will indefinitely be a part of my life long after I leave university. It has been a life-changing and eye-opening experience that has made me share my life in university with like-minded individuals who are part of the MUVP and more importantly with those that are truly disadvantaged in society. The MUVP experience is one that I will undoubtedly cherish for the rest of my life.


Imrah Reyez
MUVP Coordinator (Sem 1, 2010 - Sem 1, 2011)


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