MUVP Team Responsibilities

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Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP) Team Responsibilities


MUVP Staff Advisor

Advice where appropriate & facilitate interaction with NGOs where possible.

MUVP Coordinator

Oversees, Coordinates and manages all of MUVP's program

MUVP General Secretary

Support and assist the MUVP Coordinator. Organize and Schedule meetings, as well as to maintain proper documentation.

MUVP Under-Secretary

Assist the general secretary in keeping records of meetings. Also, overlooks and edits official program forms.

NGO Coordinator

Identify and coordinate with NGO's to design a suitable program for Monash students to engage in voluntary work. Work with respective NGO’s to build an ongoing volunteer program and to set up a volunteer program during the periods of engagement.

NGO Liaison Officer

Support and assist the NGO Coordinator with organisation and scheduling of NGO's and volunteers. 

MUVP Treasurer

Manages and administrates MUVP's financial resources and cash positions.

MUVP External Relations

Responsible for organizing events in collaboration with various NGOs and also for planning our sponsorship for MUVP and maintains a good rapport with suppliers for events. 

MUVp Publicity Officer

Help in promoting activities and events sponsored, provided or endorsed by or through the MUVP as well as manages the smooth running of MUVP's website and database. 




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